Our Mission

The Anderson Family Charitable Foundation (AFCF) was formed in 2009 by
John and Tamara Anderson 
with the purpose of providing assistance to underserved
elementary school-aged children in the 
public school system and their

It is our belief that a quality public school education can be the catalyst to a 

bright and prosperous future for ALL children. The AFCF strives to provide 

assistance where needed to ensure that all children are comfortable at school 

and have the tools to thrive in that environment. 


To date, the Anderson Family Charitable Foundation has provided more than $325,000 to help underserved children in the public schools.


AFCF is proud to assist in a variety of ways. Some of our projects include:

  • Back-to-School Backpacks
  • Buddy Pack Programs
  • Book Fairs
  • Teacher Scholarships
  • Ben's Wish
  • Running Clubs

Visit the 'Projects' tab above to find out more about these programs.

We thank

you for your support! 

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See how contributions from The Anderson Family Charitable Foundation are helping to cultivate locally educated,  culturally competent teachers.